At Beaver Brothers, we’ve been dedicated to providing environmentally responsible climate control solutions since 1919. However, there’s no better time than now to work on reducing your environmental impact! Follow these 4 simple tips this summer to live greener in Salisbury.

Get grilling in Davidson

This one is a win-win for anyone who looks forward to those good old North Carolina summer cook outs. Cooking in the kitchen requires large amounts of energy. All the equipment must be powered, and the A/C has to work harder to keep the home cool. Why not take your dinner party out to the grill instead? You’ll use less energy, and besides, everything tastes better off the grill! In addition, buy locally grown, organic foods to cook with. They require less fossil fuels to transport to your area, are healthier, and are more delicious!

Close your blinds in Cornelius, NC

Many homeowners think they can save on electricity costs by using natural sunlight instead of lamps. While this works in theory, the reality is the sunlight will raise your home’s temperature, causing your A/C usage to rise. So, unless you don’t plan on turning down the thermostat, keep your blinds closed so your home doesn’t get too warm this summer.

Use appliances wisely

Another way to unnecessarily raise your home’s temperature is to do your chores during the day. This, combined with the warmer outside temperatures, will cause your air conditioner to work overtime to keep your home cool. Run your dishwasher and clothes washer and dryer in the evening to lower your carbon footprint.

Live greener with solar energy from Beaver Brothers

Solar energy is an effective way to live greener and save money this summer in Salisbury. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t harness the sun’s energy to lower both our environmental impact and energy costs! And with Beaver Brothers, solar thermal system installation is a breeze. Our energy experts will determine which system best fits your home’s needs.

To learn more about what solar thermal energy can do for you, call Beaver Brothers today!


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Power Usage

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Gentlemen, We just got our monthly Home Energy Report from Duke Power. The report tracks our kilowatt hour usage monthly going back a year and compares our usage to the “Average Home” and that of an energy “Efficient Home.” Our track record before February showed that we ranged between 200-800 kilowatt hours above the Average Home. The downward spiral of our energy usage tracks exactly to the installation of the geothermal HVAC unit by you and your team. We are now tracking consistently with the “Average Home” and are only about 200 kilowatt hours above the “Efficient Home.” The big number however is that we are 1,000 kilowatt hours below our usage in June of last year! Now, I know that circumstances out of our control can raise or lower kilowatt hour usage, but Jan and I are convinced the numbers relate directly to the geothermal system. From a dollar standpoint, we are paying a range of $50-75 less per month to Duke Power. Just thought that you and your team would appreciate a testimonial regarding the value of their work and the products that they represent. Sincerely, Rick

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