Community Involvement


  • Historic Salisbury Foundation
  • Rowan County Chamber of Commerce
  • Air Conditioning Contractors of America
  • Radiant Panel Association
  • International Ground Source Heat Pump Association
  • Excellence Alliance
  • Better Business Bureau
  • North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association
  • Rufty Holmes Senior Center


  • 1982 Governor’s Energy Award
  • 1998 REA Regional Member of the Year
  • United Way: 2001 Bronze Award
  • 2001 Outstanding Achievement of Exceeding Goals – Carrier
  • 2002 Chairman’s Award
  • 2002 Salisbury Park Partner
  • 2005 North Carolina Sustainable Energy Hall of Fame
  • 2005 Outstanding Achievement of Exceeding Goals – Carrier
  • 2006 Best-All-Round Campaign for Small Companies
  • 2003-2007 President’s Award
  • 2007 Radiant Panel Association Hall of Fame nominee
  • 2008 Employment Security Commission Award
  • 2008 Rowan County Chamber Member of the Year
  • 2008 NC Sustainable Energy Association Lifetime Legacy Award

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Honored By the Rufty Holmes Senior Center

Mr. Beaver, the founder of Beaver Brothers, was recently honored by Rufty Holmes Senior Center for his long service on the board. Beaver Brothers is certified by Rufty Holmes as being senior friendly and an honest company to work with. We are humbled and honored by the recognition we received from Rufty Holmes.


We are also committed to the development of our industry. By participating in the following industry and business partnerships, we are able to further the efforts of the HVAC industry.

Rufty Holmes


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Power Usage

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Gentlemen, We just got our monthly Home Energy Report from Duke Power. The report tracks our kilowatt hour usage monthly going back a year and compares our usage to the “Average Home” and that of an energy “Efficient Home.” Our track record before February showed that we ranged between 200-800 kilowatt hours above the Average Home. The downward spiral of our energy usage tracks exactly to the installation of the geothermal HVAC unit by you and your team. We are now tracking consistently with the “Average Home” and are only about 200 kilowatt hours above the “Efficient Home.” The big number however is that we are 1,000 kilowatt hours below our usage in June of last year! Now, I know that circumstances out of our control can raise or lower kilowatt hour usage, but Jan and I are convinced the numbers relate directly to the geothermal system. From a dollar standpoint, we are paying a range of $50-75 less per month to Duke Power. Just thought that you and your team would appreciate a testimonial regarding the value of their work and the products that they represent. Sincerely, Rick

Geothermal Energy